Soluble biomarkers

Soluble biomarkers

The remarkable advances in immunotherapy, with response rates rarely reached so far in some diseases such as cancers, are facing unexpected challenges in predicting which patients will benefit from these immunotherapies, develop immune-related adverse events or relapse. At the era of personalized medicine, it has become a top priority to identify and characterize factors that will allow early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, early prediction of response or relapse to disease-modifying therapies in pathologies such as cancer, autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative disorders.

Multiplexing technologies such as Luminex or Cira Immunoassay technology, or ultra-sensitive platforms, such as the SIMOA™ (Quanterix) or Erenna™ (Singulex), offer deeper characterization of the complexity and dynamics of circulating biomarkers early in the pathogenesis process.

As an expert in immunoassay development and validation, ABL offers:

Expert advice on the most relevant biomarkers and methods
Assay development, optimization and fit-for-purpose analytical validation
Sample testing in the context of preclinical and clinical studies

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