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The right tools to monitor the cytokine storm

Whether in infectious diseases (COVID-19, Sepsis, Zika), immuno-oncology, auto-immune, inflammatory disorders, evaluating innovative immunotherapies (ICPI) or cell therapies (CAR-T cells), uncontrolled release of cytokines, known as cytokine storm, may be life-threatening for patients. Detecting harmful levels of cytokines is a matter of life or death for patients, and crucial for adapting patient care.

As an expert in soluble biomarker analysis, ABL is a partner of choice to support you overcome these challenges.

Need multiplexed assays on low volume samples? Not a problem!

Discover the Ella system:

- Fully automated fluidic immunoassay platform

- Validated standard curve included within the cartridge

- Multi-analytes possible with NO multiplexing: up to 8 analytes can be analyzed seperately limitating antibody cross-reactivity

- Sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range and high reproducibility

- Very low sample volume: 2.5 to 25 µL per duplicate and triplicate

- Customizable cartridges for building your own assays

- High throughput : up to ~300 samples a day

- Extended catalogue: 190+ soluble mediators available

Your one-stop-shop for monitoring host immune response to pathogens

Your one-stop-shop for monitoring host immune responses to pathogens


In the scientific community we trust - Open Letter

Is this time unprecedented, unpredictable, scary ? Yes but

In the scientific community we trust!

(Ultra)Sensitive & Reliable assays with MSD QuickPlex SQ120

Leverage the robustness of MSD Multi-array® technology to get SENSITIVE and RELIABLE RESULTS for your BIOMARKER and IMMUNOGENICITY assays!

Contact us to learn more about MSD technology and our full suite of services.

Your project is at the crossroad of our quality values

Looking for high-quality bioanalyses? Here you are!

Need ready-to-use immuno-assays?

Leverage our 100+ ready-to-use bio-assays on the VIDAS® platform!

Only words? Your drug development, your clinical project is at the crossroads of our quality values.

In our April Newsletter, we invite to check how and why quality really matters in conducting biomarker analysis for your clinical and preclinical studies.

Forgot about NfL in Alzheimer's?

Learn more about Nf-L ultra-sensitive assay qualification on Simoa and potential clinical use of this biomarker in several neurodegenerative conditions here


ABL adds VIDASĀ® technology to expand its bioanalytical capabilities

VIDAS® is a reliable and automated benchtop immunoanalyzer. Based on the enzyme-linked fluorescent assay (ELFA) technology, it provides high quality on-demand test results. Learn how ABL can help you analyze your clinical samples with Vidas-based IVD assays!