Flow cytometry is one of the most powerful tools for the analysis of the immune system at cellular level. This technique can dissect the phenotypes and functions of cell subsets within a heterogeneous sample, such as blood. Flow cytometry is frequently used to evaluate the impact of a given therapy on the distribution of immune cell subsets.

However, standardization of immunophenotyping requires careful evaluation and control of reagents, sample handling, instrument setup, and data analysis. This is critical notably in the context of longitudinal multi-year clinical studies, or for successful cross-study and multi-site comparison of data.

ABL provides its partners with expert solutions to design the most adapted assays for phenotypic and functional characterization of immune cell subsets. These methods are optimized and qualified prior to sample testing, for both preclinical and clinical studies.

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Proficiency panels
  • CIP18_NK harmonization panel (2013-2014)
  • Multimer proficiency panel (2013-2014)
  • Multimer proficiency panel (2015)
  • CIP20_NK harmonization panel (2016)